June 2005

Let me see…where to begin. Let’s start with how we met, because I get asked that a lot. Actually, better yet, I’m usually the one asking John. Long, long ago, in the far away land of our youth in Minnesota, John and I were active participants in our respective church youth groups. Having noticed each other on a variety of occasions, we completely despised each other. John thought I was loud and obnoxious, and I thought John was stuck up and pretentious. In fact, John’s first memory of me was on a scavenger hunt that my youth group sponsored. My dad was the driver. I was in the backseat with a few friends, and John, along with my friend Josh, were in the front seat. I have no recollection of this meeting, but John happens to remember it quite clearly. My first memory of John was at a Chuck E. Cheese’s. I even had a friend stand by the air hockey table that John was playing at so that I could get a picture of him. I still have that picture, hidden in a box far beneath my bed. Lucky for us, there would be many more meetings in the future.

So let’s fast-forward a few years. John and Josh had made a band and were looking for someone to help book a few shows. Josh had asked me to help with a few things and I thought it would be a great opportunity to get into some free concerts. I agreed to help out starting in 1997. During this time John and I worked very closely as coworkers (by that I mean he would occasionally return my phone calls, but never answer when I called). This continued until 1998 when I was looking for an alternative to the dormitories at the University of Minnesota. Josh made the suggestion that I call John because he and his two roommates at the time were looking for a fourth roommate. After a vote, where John voted that I not move in and his roommates voted that I should, I started packing my bags for South East 101. It was a few months later that John and I realized we probably liked each other’s company. After dating on and off for a few months, we officially decided to be a couple in August of 1999, at a little place called the Outer Banks in North Carolina. What a glorious, glorious day!

Shortly after that I gave up my duties helping the band and went back to school at the University of Minnesota. I graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree in Foundations of Education: Elementary. I decided to continue my support of the U of MN by doubling my tuition in Graduate School. I completed my licensure program and now have two tacky looking licenses: one in Elementary Teaching and one in Middle School Science. John has continued to be an amazing musician with enough talent to make some $$$. After years and years of hard work, he can finally sit back, in front of 10,000 screaming fans, and relax.

With our crazy schedules John and I try to catch a glimpse of each other whenever possible. John lives out of his suitcase and in a different city every day. I live in Denver where, let’s be honest, the weather is quite perfect :) Somehow, with e-mail, digital cameras, and our cell phones, we seem to keep in touch.

Lots of Love!